A photograph of soft-shell crab magnified

Soft-Shell Crab | Can You Really Eat The Whole Thing?

Also known as a lobster’s wider, side-walking cousin, a soft-shell crab can be an intimidating meal and a downright terrifying ingredient if you have the pleasure of cooking one yourself. Caught almost immediately after having molted their previous shell, soft-shelled crabs are perfect for consuming whole as their new shells … Read More

a red onion that is perfect to julienne

What Is a Shallot, Surely It’s Just Another Onion?

Shallots are a criminally underrated ingredient found in a variety of cuisines. Its subtly sweet flavour makes it an excellent addition to all sorts of dishes, but sadly, they are often overshadowed by their more famous cousins, yellow and red onions. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore them, however! … Read More

people enjoying yakiniku

Yakiniku | Japan’s Seriously Beefy Contender to Korean BBQ

Whether you’re looking for beef, chicken, seafood, or pork – Yakiniku has got you covered. Not to be confused with Korea BBQ (although they share some similarities we’ll discuss later), this comparably modern cuisine is popular in Japan and is entirely comprised of grilled meats and fish that the foodies … Read More

two tomatoes ready to be diced

How To Dice a Tomato | Why Is It So Difficult?

The tomato – once a vegetable that people were afraid to eat, fearful that their blood would turn acidic and poison them, now it is a fundamental ingredient to thousands, if not millions, of dishes from around the world. But despite their widespread uses, they are notoriously difficult to cut … Read More