Black Garlic Oil | Why Mayu Is the Best Oil for Ramen (with Recipe)

There are thousands of different ways that you can top your homemade ramen. Some people like to focus on texture with green onions and herbs, whilst others like to spend their time making the meat the best they possibly can. When it comes time for me to make myself an amazing, and warming bowl of ramen, I look to my trusty Mayu (Black Garlic Oil).

Mayu, otherwise known as black garlic oil, is best described as a bitter, burnt garlic taste that is made almost exclusively out of burnt garlic. Not to be confused with the other black garlic products, this recipe starts off with normal, white cloves of garlic that slowly crumble to dust by the end.

A Closer Look at Black Garlic Oil

A magnified photograph of ramen topped with black garlic oil

If you have never tried black garlic oil, it is best described as an acrid, caramelized flavor with roasted notes and is incredibly potent. Just a little bit goes a long way with this oil, too much, and you risk overpowering all the other flavors that you worked so hard on. As well as just ruining your ramen!

One of the main problems that you might face when making this recipe, is achieving a good emulsion. Just like mayo, you have to go slow and steady, or else you risk your black garlic oil splitting just before it becomes time to use it.

How to Store Black Garlic Oil (Mayu)

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When it comes time to store your garlic oil, you have about 2 months of use before it will start to lose its potency. That doesn’t mean that you can’t carry on using it, but the longer that you leave it before replacing it, the more you might have to use to get the same flavor.

And of course, like most oil-based, emulsion sauces, do not try freezing it. It will almost certainly split and you will be left with an oily mess. If you absolutely have to freeze it for some reason, we recommend pouring your mixture into ice cube trays and rapidly thawing them in the microwave with frequent stirring.

Whilst, not a perfect solution, this is the best way we have found to revive frozen black garlic oil.

Black Garlic Oil (Mayu) Ingredients

Ingredients list for black garlic oil (mayu)

The required ingredients for black garlic oil are really simple. Just a few cloves of garlic and some oil is all you need to prepare enough oil to last you months.

And the equipment requirements are also very forgiving because although a food processor may be preferred for consistency, mincing the garlic by hand is the traditional way and is more than suitable.

Black Garlic Oil (Mayu) Recipe

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Black Garlic Oil | Mayu | Burnt Garlic Oil

Incredibly Potent Black Garlic Oil for Ramen that isn't absurdly difficult.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Garnish
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 1 Batch


  • Mortar and Pestle


  • 15 Cloves Garlic
  • 1/4 Cup Oil Use a mix for your own flavour, or just use vegetable if you want to be consistent.


  • Add the garlic to a food processor and process until a fine mince is achieved. If you do not have a food processor, then you can mince finely by hand.
  • Empty minced garlic onto a paper towel and extract as much moisutre as possible, replacing the paper towel as necessary. This is to dry it out as much as possible.
  • Heat your chosen oil(s) in a pan, and once hot, add the garlic and reduce heat to medium-low.
  • Cook the garlic until blackened and there is smoke being produced.
  • Strain the oil away, leaving only the small pieces of blackened garlic. Repeat the moisture extraction process to remove as much of the excess oil as possible.
  • Using a mortar and pestle, crush the garlic until an oily paste forms.
  • Very slowly add additional oil until you reach your desired consistency and serve over ramen, or however you like!


Although we chose vegetable oil as a safe option, we recommend finding a mix of oils that suits you better! You can use almost any oil, some of our favorites include sesame and even lard! 
Doing this in an apartment or small kitchen may set off your smoke alarm! So get a long-handled broom ready to turn it off when it does.
The final product some be an even color throughout.
Keyword Aroma Oil, Garlic, Ramen
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Help! My Mayu Has Split! how Can I Fix It?

Oh no! There is a good chance that you added the oil to the garlic paste too quickly, and it couldn’t form the emulsion it wanted to! Unfortunately, if this happens then it is time to try again as it can’t be fixed after the fact.

Luckily, since it contains just garlic and a little oil, it doesn’t cost a lot to try again.

Should I Fry My Garlic in Some Oil to Speed It Up?

Definitely not, moisture and oil are the enemies of black garlic oil. If you fry the minced garlic in additional oil, then you will never be able to extract enough of the added moisture and you will be left with a soupy garlic spread.

And don’t increase the heat of the pan either, if you cook it too high then you will affect the final flavor. Just take your time and you will not regret it.

Why Doesn’t This Use Black Garlic?

The name ‘Black Garlic Oil’ comes from the traditional name, which is “Burnt Garlic Oil”. So even though it sounds like this should include black garlic, it is actually just normal garlic that is blackened in the cooking (or should we say burning) process.

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